Combining Email and Facebook for a Dynamite E-commerce
Marketing Campaign

Combining Email and Facebook for a Dynamite E-commerce Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing such as a Facebook campaign and email marketing is seen as two separate entities. However, many entrepreneurs believe it is better to combine the two to build up a better marketing strategy. Quite a few things can be accomplished by combining the two entities for instance, creating an audience on Facebook from an email list, building revenue, launching social and email campaigns and other strategies to have a better marketing strategy.

Using the email list to create an audience on Facebook

Many e-commerce sites require the customer’s email address before they purchase a product. You can do this with  ecommerce platforms like Shopify, which have tools to engage with your customers. To have a successful social media advertisement, the first step would be to organize a proper list of emails. List the categories according to their segregation and gender. This can be done by logging into the Ads Manager, going to the Ad account and find the “audience” option. After this choose to create a custom audience and select the customer file section and choose a file that will be uploaded as the CSV file on Facebook. These emails are then matched with actual Facebook users.

Facebook also allows companies to create audiences through the help of already existing email lists. Facebook then matches the profiles of these people on a larger scale with similarities of their interests, behaviors and demographics. Facebook needs a minimum of a hundred people on the email list for it to create the lookalike audience. People use their personal emails for Facebook so having a list of a hundred people at least should not be much of an issue. Once the lookalike audience is made, entrepreneurs can layer up extra targeting on top of the lookalike audience.

Launching both entities at the same time

When an e-commerce site has promotions and sales, they usually send an email regarding the sales to every customer they know off. However, it is possible that the customer may forget about it. Unfortunately, if the company sends three to four reminder emails to the customers they may lose them. Therefore, to work on this problem, entrepreneurs should use Facebook to help with advertising the sales and promotions. E-commerce businesses can also use carousel ads as they can promote different products without increasing the cost of the campaigns. Launching an email campaign on its own will not give the results that it gives when combined with social media campaigns.

Additional strategies

Additional strategies would include creating a greater look-alike audience that can be targeted. Introduce and promote sales to potential customers and create awareness of the brand amongst them. Entrepreneurs can also create segmented lists for sale buyers. Group up each customers email id to receive their own list titles “sale buyers” as there is a chance that these customers have been willing to buy the product all along and that they have been waiting for a sale or promotion.

Moreover, offer free shipping as that would attract more customers. Another strategy that can be used by businesses is using Twitter as a means to drive traffic and target the audience. It allows the firm to upload a .CSV of email addresses and then match it up with their profiles. Once again like Facebook businesses can follow the same process and create the new audience. The only difference is that Twitter requires at least 500 or more matches so that Twitter allows the company to create the audience. Most customers use their personal emails on twitter so matching them up to the social media site would not be much of a problem.

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