15 Trends every eCommerce marketer needs to know in 2017

15 Trends every eCommerce marketer needs to know in 2017

ECommerce Marketing is growing rapidly; it means two things; that the online sales would experience rapid growth, and that there would be more competition in eCommerce, which would make customers easy to lose and hard to win.

This is 2017; there are different trends you need to know to get ahead of your competitors and boost sales. We have outlined 15 trends that would give you a higher ground amongst your competitors.

  1. Mobile Commerce. Almost 70% of sales come from the mobile shoppers. Mobile customers are increasing by the day; this is a trend that you must follow up with.
  1. Big data. Big data is a great way to get more sales and traffic. Some companies also use big data analytics for predictive analysis, managing supply chain, personalization, and pricing.
  1. Free shipping. Free shipping is an enticing offer to get more customers. It would be wiser to add shipping cost to your product price to avoid loss.
  1. Social media marketing. To boost sales and gain traffic, you need to use social media as a tool for your marketing.
    1. User-generated content. Customers will trust their fellow customer that is just how it is. So to boost sales and traffic, you should focus on increasing your user-generated content

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  1. This is a trend that is fast growing among eCommerce users in 2017. Since chatbots use instant messaging, it is easier for you to gain more customers and sales. You can even upsell or cross-sell with chatbots.
  1. Virtual reality. Virtual reality can create 3D events and environments for your eCommerce company; this is one of the biggest trends you could ever know. What’s more? The virtual reality sets are affordable and available for a large user base.
  1. Live-streaming. If you can’t live stream in 2017, then go back to 2001. Live streaming is one of the fast growing trends available. With SnapChat, YouTube live, periscope, Instagram live and Facebook live, the live streaming hype is just BOOM!
  1. The internet of things. 2017 is the year of advanced technology. Everything that can be turned off and on will be connected to the internet. With the increase in connectivity, the number of clicks on eCommerce sites would increase too.
  1. Mobile E-mail marketing. With the use of mobile increasing by the day, mobile email marketing is a huge boom for your eCommerce business.
  1. The use of SEO has been on for a while now, and it is still one of the biggest trends in the eCommerce industry. With a well-driven SEO, you would be able to make more sales and customers.
  1. Mobile wallet and digital payments. With the world going mobile, what you need for your website is a mobile wallet that customers can use to pay cash when they purchase any of your products.
  1. Same day delivery. The best way to entice your customers to come back to patronize you again is by offering same-day delivery to customers. You customers would feel lucky with this, and there is every tendency they would come again.
  1. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in the e-commerce industry. Concepts like marketing automation, content personalization, and segmentation can only be explored to the fullest through the use of segmentation.
    1. User experience. Another big trend that you must know in eCommerce marketing is the user’s experience. The user experience decides if the customer would patronize you or not. No one would patronize a shop whose site was difficult to open or hard to navigate.

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